Appraisal District Packed On Protest Deadline Day


Lines of people are waiting and hoping that they can fight to get their property appraisals lowered at the downtown Appraisal District.

Today was the deadline to protest your appraisal.

Norma Holder said, "You can’t triple like that you know, nobody can come up with money like that."

Once a year the Appraisal District sets the value of your property.

The higher the value, the more you pay in taxes.

So most of the folks in line today are trying to get their property values lowered because they claim the dollar amount unfairly went up.

Holder said, "I think more people need to come down here because if everyone comes, we can bombard them and we can lower those taxes."

The reporter asked, "How much did you get yours lowered?"

Holder said, "About $20,000."

This year more than 4,000 people formally protested.

That’s about 3% of county homeowners.

Some people waited in line for a couple of hours to protest their property values today but others decided to take a free pass and come back later so they didn’t have to wait.

Appraisers only gave passes to people in line who couldn’t stick around Monday so, they’ll come back later this week armed with anything that helps to prove their case.

Jenny Walter said, "So I brought my pictures. I did my homework and I’m here to protest and I have a hearing on Friday if I don’t get satisfaction today."

Unfortunately, if you didn’t meet Monday’s deadline, you’re stuck with the property value the Appraisal District set for you.

Nueces County officials say each appraisal review is done fairly and as accurately as possible.

However, appraisers say they do rely on homeowners to speak out about any problems since they know their property best.

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~ by mortgagecompliancecorner on June 21, 2011.

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