Famous Homes Inspire Copycats


Some builders have a specific vision in mind when designing a home. Whether they are recreating the home of someone powerful or replicating a house from TV or in the movies, some people take their inspiration seriously and make it into their everyday reality.

In the following photos, including numerous examples suggested by Realtor.com, you’ll see homes inspired by people, politics, and pop culture—and because most of them are for sale, you’ll also get the stats such as price and square footage.

Check out these inspired imitation homes:

Inspired by the movie "Up"

Home inspired by Pixar’s movie, "Up".
Photo: bangerterhomes.com | Inset: Pixar Animation Studios

Location: Herriman, Utah
Year Built: 2011
Price: not for sale
Square footage: 2,800
Bedrooms / baths: 4 / 3.5

Third generation homebuilder Blair Bangerter’s claim-to-fame inspiration came while watching the Pixar film Up, when he realized the starring house was so well planned out, it could be built in real life. After getting permission from Disney/Pixar, he set about building the fictional turn-of-the-century style house, and the results will be featured in the 65th Salt Lake Parade of Homes—with many balloons attached to the roof.

The house is being replicated down to details like furniture and wall murals. “Many dedicated sub-contractors and suppliers who worked on this one-of-a-kind home have enthusiastically added their expertise to get the details right,” said Bangerter. “More than once you could catch them using portable DVD players on the site to review how some detail looked in the movie and how it could be replicated.”

Inspired by the movie "Halloween"

Home inspired by the movie "Halloween".
Photo: myershousenc.com | Inset: Compass International

Location: Hillsborough, North Carolina
Year Built: 2009
Price: undisclosed
Square footage: 1,900
Bedrooms / baths: 3 / 2.5

The Myers House – North Carolina is the home of Kenny Caperton and Emily Currier. Caperton is a lifelong horror fan whose favorite slasher is Halloween (as you’ve probably guessed). He got the idea to build this replica after seeing the real house where the movie was filmed in Pasadena, Calif., while he was house-hunting. They drew up a plan to recreate the house without the aid of the original blueprints. However, they didn’t duplicate the 1970s décor and appliances of the original film, instead opting for a rustic / Victorian interior style with vintage Halloween items and memorabilia as accent pieces. Oh, and the Mike Myers mask on the Newell post.

Inspired by the White House

Home inspired by The White House.
Photo: realtor.com |Inset: wikipedia.org

Location: McLean, Virginia
Year Built: 1995
Price: $4,650,000
Square footage: 12,020
Bedrooms / baths: 6 / 8

Numerous replicas exist of the nation’s First Home. The statistics above are for another White House replica home currently on the market in McLean, Virginia. The seller is an unnamed engineer from Vietnam, who wanted to pay tribute to the country that took him in, according to a blog on the Washington Post website. This replica was built to the specs in the original White House blueprints but on a one-fifth scale. The private home moonlighted as a stand-in for the White House in the filming of the movie Independence Day. For the homebuyer seeking a presidential home of color, a robin’s-egg blue version is on the Chicago market as well.

Inspired by the TV show "The Simpsons"

Home inspired by "The Simpsons".
Photo: Scott Jones |Inset: Fox Broadcasting Company

Location: Henderson, Nevada
Year Built: 1997
Price when new: $120,000
Square footage: 2,182
Bedrooms / baths: 4 / 2

The real-life version of The Simpsons’ fictional home at 742 Evergreen Terrace was built as a contest prize. Although the look has since been toned down to conform to the regulations of the housing tract’s homeowners association, at the time the exterior and interiors were done in the cartoon’s bright colors, and it contained 1,500 props. The winner chose to take the alternate prize of $75,000 cash instead of moving in to the house, so after it opened to the public for a month and a half as some 30,000 lookie-Lous including Simpsons creator Matt Groening toured it, the house was de-Simpsonized and sold.

Inspired by Monticello

Home inspired by Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.
Photo: realtor.com | Inset: monticello.org

Location: Alpharetta, Georgia
Year Built: 2002
Price: $9,250,000
Square footage: 13,043
Bedrooms / baths: 9 / 10

The design of this lakeside mansion, situated on 60 acres in Georgia, is inspired by Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. The third U.S. President designed Monticello himself, and it drew from the neoclassical principles of the Italian Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio. Okay, so there’s no dome in this new version, but it shows some of the same careful symmetry, scale and proportion of Jefferson’s design. And the new one includes more than a few extras that Jefferson’s Monticello probably didn’t have, like a media room, walk-in closets, or the his-and-hers master baths.

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