Top 7 Real houses inspired by fiction

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While compiling this list we learned that some people are really devoted to emulating their favorite fictional characters. Like, really really devoted! After all, how much do you have to love Lord of the Rings to commit to living in a hobbit house? We’re guessing an awful lot considering those low ceilings would surely make things difficult. Let’s have a look at these real life imitations of houses you just might have grown up watching on TV!

Pink overload! This could only be the Barbie house. Let’s move on and give Barbie and Ken their privacy.

Coming straight out of Gotham City, we’re convinced that this HAS to be Batman’s house. Whoops, we mean Bruce Wayne.

Looking like it came from the town of Bedrock in the Flintstone, this rock house is actually located in Portugal and is quite popular with the tourists. 

We’re not Hello Kitty experts, so we’re not sure how close this gets to looking like Hello Kitty’s real house. Did Hello Kitty even have a house? We’re confused, but it could just be a side effect from all the pink.

We’d be too tempted to hop on and fight the Red Baron with this one, so we’d keep our distance from the Snoopy house (okay, information kiosk, but it still counts!)

Anyone born after 1980 should be ashamed if they didn’t recognize this as the Simpsons house. Hardcore Simpsons fans should be ashamed that they didn’t notice that the address on the house is incorrect. The Simpsons lived at 742 Evergreen Terrace, not 712!

Given that The Hobbit film is coming out next year, we’re guessing that whoever lives in this house will be getting a lot more attention soon.

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