Questions to Ask

75 Questions To Ask Before Renting An Apartment

by Alvin, All-Swagga

Locating an apartment can be a chore.  If you know exactly what you want you’ll have to ask questions to ensure you get it.  Here are 75 questions/tips to get you moving in the right direction.

  1. How much will rent increase each year?
  2. Have breaking and entering ever been reported for one of your units?
  3. What are my options for paying the rent ex. check, cash, money order, credit card etc.?
  4. Do you have registered sex offenders living in this complex?
  5. How are maintenance request handled?
  6. Ask a random tenant, what they think of the apartment complex.
  7. How is the parking?  Assigned parking or first come first serve.
  8. I have pets how much is the monthly fee?
  9. Do policeman live in the complex?
  10. How much is the security deposit?
  11. How much is the application fee?
  12. Monthly rent; what is the late charges date? (i.e. Rent due on the 1st the 6th day of the month)
  13. Does the apartment come with pest control?
  14. What is the lease start and end date?
  15. Does apartment have AC (find out what type of system being used; turn it on during your walk thru and check vents for proper air flow)?
  16. When will I get my security deposit back?
  17. Do I get reduce rent for referring a friend?
  18. Does the front door have a deadbolt installed?
  19. Is the maintenance worker swamped with maintenance request?
  20. Will rent be higher for a short term lease?
  21. Are there washer and dryer hookups?
  22. Do other tenants look respectable?
  23. Will rental be freshly painted prior to move in?
  24. Where can I submit a complaint about management or maintenance, if I have one?
  25. Is there a community bulletin board or other way for residents to communicate?
  26. Do you have a No Alteration policy for the apartment?
  27. Are there any move-in specials?
  28. Is there a fire extinguisher in the apartment or nearby?
  29. Does apartment manager live on site?
  30. How is mail delivered to the apartment (what happens to large packages and registered mail)?
  31. What’s the average dollar amount for utility bill (gas, water, electric, and sewer)?
  32. How is trash handled for large items such as a sofa, mattress, or computer desk?
  33. Which fees are non-refundable?
  34. Where do guest park their vehicles?
  35. What personal documents will you need from me prior to signing of the lease?
  36. Can I paint the walls or ceilings?
  37. Do pipes freeze in the winter?
  38. I would like to rent month to month is there an additional fee?
  39. Is there a fee for early termination of lease?
  40. Are storage units available?
  41. How good is the cell phone reception from my apartment?
  42. Rent is collected on what day of the month?
  43. If a tenant moves out prior to the 1st of the month will tenant be charge the full amount of rent?
  44. Is there a place for tenants to wash their car?
  45. What are the seasonal challenges for this apartment (i.e. it rains and apartment floods, pipes freeze during winter)
  46. When the lease is up, will it automatically convert to a month-to-month agreement, or will I be obligated to sign a new lease?
  47. Are there enough windows in the apartment?
  48. Do windows lock properly?
  49. How many electrical outlets in each room?
  50. Is there a BBQ grill on site?
  51. What role does the landlord play if mold is found in apartment?
  52. What security features are installed for this community?
  53. Does front door have a peep hole? (rare not to have but worth checking)
  54. Does carpet need to be clean?
  55. What are the hours of operation for the fitness center?
  56. Has there ever been a fire/flood in this apartment?
  57. I’ve been locked out of my apartment is there a number to call to be let back in?
  58. Security cameras caught a break-in on tape, can the recording be used as evidence?
  59. Is subletting allowed?
  60. Are smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms installed for apartment?
  61. Is it safe to walk or run in the neighborhood at night?
  62. What freeways are the closest to apartment?
  63. Will my car insurance rates increase once I move in?
  64. Is the stove gas or electric?
  65. How many complaints have been filed against the landlord or the rental company?
  66. Can I take pictures during tour of property and apartment?
  67. Are there cracks in the walls or ceilings?
  68. Is there a sprinkler system for apartment?
  69. Is the apartment furnished?
  70. Is the water pressure normal in the kitchen and shower (also check to see how long it takes water to turn hot)?
  71. Do all doors open/close easily?
  72. Where is the trash collected?
  73. Is it difficult to add someone to the lease once it has been signed?
  74. You have furniture: How wide are your doors (make sure it will all fit)?
  75. What is the minimum credit score to rent an apartment?


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